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"Three Sisters" mural for O+ fest in Kingston, NY October 2022

Located on Pearl Street in Uptown Kingston, I designed and painted this mural during Kingston's O+ fest in October 2022. 

I will be posting a proper write-up soon, but in the meantime, here are some relavent press links:

O+ artist alumni profile

Oracle Press article

Daily Freeman article

Contributed original "Fishing with Big Will" comic strip 

to Bill Daniel's upcoming book- 'Mostly True, volume 2' October 2021

Art will be posted after publication date- coming in 2023!

Rail Practitioners Group Show- San Antonio 10/1/21

Contributed work to a group show with Colossus of Roads (buZ Blurr), Bill Daniel, and others. 

Show was at Flight Gallery in San Antonio, Texas. See the San Antonio Current article here

Fort Bragg Alleyway Mural Project- Summer 2019

Painted various murals of cats around the alleyways of Fort Bragg, California in order to gain awareness and generate revenue for the Mendocino Cat clinic- a local non profit feral cat spay and neuter clinic 

Pelican Bread shirt design & screenprinting

June 2019

Created a t-shirt design and logo for Pelican Bread, a small independent bread company in Point Arena, California.  Screenprinted shirts by hand

Far Out Surfboards Logo Design

April 2019

T-shirt design and screenprinting for Minneapolis band The Nunnery

March 2019

Wine Label Commission for Yamakiri Wines

Illustrated the label for Yamakiri Wines. Yamakiri makes small-batch, all-organic wine from wild grapes in Yorkville, CA

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